Weight off your Mind

Most diets do not work and rarely lead to permanent weight loss.

You probably know that if you have been on the diet /binge rollercoaster for years.

Your weight issues are not just about you not being able to stick to a diet or some weight loss regime. Your being stuck in this cycle has deeper underline issues and programming found within your subconscious mind.

That is where Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching comes in. It works to re-programme your mind.

When you try any weight loss diet you struggle to stay on it. You may lose some weight during your restriction, then you finally cave in and abandoned your diet. Shortly thereafter, you gain back any weight you lost and probably a few extra pounds, too. Sound familiar?

The undesirable programming in your subconscious mind that causes you to crave and eat too much is the real issue. That programming can be removed by using both hypnotherapy and eating psychology coaching to lose any excess weight naturally and for good.

How Weight off Your Mind Works:

Below you can see the methods Mari uses to guide you to lose weight naturally and maintain a healthy relationship with food, along side access to our thriving membership group for just €9.95 per month.You can access Mari’s renowned personal coaching programme from anywhere in the world for a small investment with a massive return. Accountability, support and community are key to the success for Mari’s clients- take your first step onto the path of freedom today and gain access to a wealth of knowledge, experience and support.


Using the psychology of eating exploring:

  • Why we are prone to emotional eating and eating for comfort.
  • Why we binge eat certain foods.
  • How you formed your relationship with food.
  • Understanding your nutritional health.

Techniques and Tools:

The coaching and therapeutic technique you can use to make changes that serve you form a better relationship with food and your body.

  • How to build confidence in your ability to make savvy choices for yourself.
  • How to work with your body as opposed to judging it negatively.
  • Learning the art of mindful eating and being present with food.
  • How to stop cravings before the overtake you using EFT.

Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching:

Re-wire your subconscious mind for success.

  • Changing subconscious patterns.
  • Releasing the emotional charges to unhealthy eating.
  • The process of dealing with feelings in a constructive way.
  • Using visualisation and affirmations for real progress.

Private Membership Group:

  • The absolute best coaching and support from Mari who has over 12 years experience
  • Affordable and monthly membership of just €9.99 which can be cancelled anytime
  • Weekly live group learning check ins to help us stay on track, motivated and accountable
  • Access from anywhere in the world and all from the comfort of your own home
  • Long term results based on a healthy relationship with the self and food
  • Supportive group environment, led by Mari and thriving with members on the same path